Designed by ASPİLSAN Enerji engineers

PARS PS7100 Battery Grading Machine

The voltages of the batteries used in battery packs are separated from each other after long-term charge/discharge processes. This reduces the capacity and cycle life of the battery. Management systems called BMS are used to balance the batteries. PARS categorizes the batteries according to their internal resistance during production and allows you to create a more balanced battery from the beginning. Battery classification, which is the indispensable first operation of battery production, can be done very easily thanks to PARS. It is a product with a PARS patent, with its portable chamber design and features not found in other machines.

PARS PS7100 Battery Grading Machine Specifications;
• Internal resistance measurement with a precision of 0.1μΩ with 0.5% margin of error
• Main chamber with 500 battery capacity
• Replaceable magazine with 100 battery capacity
• 7 main and 7 spare magazine chambers
• PLC controlled system Turkish interface, touch panel
• Alarm system in case of emergency stop and error
• Automatically regulate the internal resistance ranges by sampling the batteries to be classified
• Classifying the most common cylindrical type batteries(18650,21700,26650)
• It can classify 30 batteries per minute.