Designed by ASPİLSAN Enerji engineers

PUMA 1881 Double-Sided Centering Machine

The batteries must be centred and converted into battery blocks after being classified with PARS. The most efficient joining technique that doesn't heat up or harm the batteries is centering. The technical drawings in.dxf format for the battery holder moulds you will create may be read by PUMA. You simply need to introduce the machine that creates the first battery when the mould is being introduced. Well-ordered battery blocks can typically be centred using battery centering machines, while mixed-order batteries can be centred using PUMA.

PU-MA 1881 Double-Sided Centering Machine Specifications;
• Real-time center energy control
• Center maintenance time notification
• Ability to pause and maintain during operation
• Automatic return to position after maintenance
• Ability to make double-sided centring at the same time
• 10µm precision axes
• Computer controlled system single interface
• Emergency stop and alarm system
• Suitable for All Cylindrical Batteries(18650,21700,26650,32650,32700)
• Can center nickel plated stainless steel up to 0.2mm thickness
• It can make 30 points per minute without cooling.