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Companies Selling ASPİLSAN INR18650A28 Cell

Those who want to buy our ASPİLSAN INR18650A28 battery at retail can contact the companies below.

-Birikim Pilleri

Mass production of our ASPİLSAN INR18650A28 cell has started in June 2022. Our cells have been tested by the companies that purchased them as cells alone as well as in battery packs and the results are published by these companies. We thank for the interest shown in the cell produced locally by ASPİLSAN Enerji with national technology. In the feedbacks of these companies, the results of both safety and performance tests are explained and it is stated that the results are above the standards. This is an important sign in terms of indicating that Turkish engineers and workers, when given the opportunity and supported, can produce at a level to compete with the best in the world. We would like to thank all the companies that show interest in our cell. We will continue on our way, being aware of the fact that your support imposes more responsibility on us.

Dear stakeholders and friends of ASPİLSAN Enerji, there is a great internal and external demand for our ASPİLSAN INR18650A28 cell, which is the first and only li-ion rechargeable cell in Türkiye and our region. We thank for the interest shown. However, due to the fact that our cell is an industrial cell, just as other li-ion cells, it should be used in accordance with safety measures and in appropriate environments by engineers/companies who have knowledge of cell and battery technologies. First of all, it is our corporate responsibility for the safety of our users and theirs customers, to approve the use of production capabilities of those who have the knowledge to use this cell. In this respect, companies that want to use and purchase ASPİLSAN INR18650A28 cell in their applications should apply to satis@aspilsan.com and ensure that the necessary work is carried out in order to be included in the scope of approved customers. There is no retail sale and the cells on our website must be obtained from the companies that sell them for retail purchases.