Aspilsan Energy Signed the Final Sign for Li-ion Battery Production

With the Lithium Ion Battery Cell Production Facility investment; In the field of Li-ion battery technology and production, it is aimed primarily to ensure technology transfer and to bring unique battery technology to the country by training qualified R&D personnel. In this context, ASPİLSAN Energy, which previously signed a technology transfer contract with a Korean company in order to acquire battery cell production technology, continues to work with its own R&D centers. Thus, it is possible to support not only the defense sector but also the entire portable energy sector and to meet the critical needs that may arise in this field.

As the final stage of the investment that will take our country one step further in reducing foreign dependency, the "Machinery, Equipment, Auxiliary Systems and Software Supply Agreement" was signed between the South Korean Top Material company and ASPİLSAN Energy within the scope of the Li-ion Battery Production Facility investment.

For the design, development and production of battery technologies, the air in the environment must be free from microorganisms, dust and particles. In line with this requirement, systems called “Dry and Clean Rooms” are needed, in which the air quality is significantly increased. ASPİLSAN Energy, which prioritizes the creation of a local and national ecosystem not only in production but also in supply, signed the "Dry and Clean Room Supply and Installation Contract" with the Turkish company HTL-Tekno Elektromekanik Mühendislik, which has a distinguished place in its field with its quality and conscious practices.