Electrical tests can be performed in wide power ranges of products and systems, especially consumer electronics, hand tools, micro mobility, electric vehicles, energy storage systems, batteries and battery groups. Regardless of chemistry and shape in battery cells and battery groups; capacity, capacity at different temperature and current values, cycle (life), driving or load profile tests, as well as overvoltage, current and short circuit engineering and qualification tests in the field of functional safety can be carried out in accordance with the standards commonly used in the market.

• Charge and Discharge Procedures
• BMS Function Tests
• Capacity Test (Ah)
• Capacity Loss Test (Fade)
• Capacity Retention Test
• Capacity Test at Different Temperatures
• Load, Drive Profile Test (HPPC)
• C Rate Test (C rate)
• Internal Resistance Test (ACIR / DCIR)
• Short Circuit Test
• Overcharge Tests (OCC, COV etc.)
• Aşırı Deşarj Testleri (OCD, CUV vs.)
• Forced Discharge Test