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ASPİLSAN Enerji and ORAN Signed The Cooperation Protocol

Between ASPİLSAN Enerji and ORAN, a cooperation protocol was signed for the organization of "The Lithium Ion Battery Fire Extinguishing Methods Workshop"

The "Lithium Ion Battery Fire Extinguishing Methods Workshop", which will be held in cooperation with ASPİLSAN Enerji and Central Anatolia Development Agency, aims to determine the intervention methods for battery fires, to eliminate the conditions where batteries are exposed to excessive heat, and to conduct a detailed analysis of cooling methods with the participation of relevant stakeholders.

Providing information about the protocol, Central Anatolia Development Agency Secretary General İbrahim Ethem Şahin made the following statements: “Developing new technologies in our region and ensuring transformation in the manufacturing industry are among our main priorities. In this context, we organize many activities with our stakeholders within the framework of our Agency's result-oriented program for the manufacturing industry and the regional plans we have created. Through the workshop we will hold based on this protocol, we are cooperating with Aspilsan on an issue that we deem very important in terms of public-industry cooperation. Producing medium-high and high technology production for our region, serving the defence industry and thus ensuring smart specialization in the manufacturing industry is of great value in economic and human capital development.

I hope that the Lithium Ion Battery Fire Extinguishing Methods Workshop will have an impact in line with these goals and I hope it will be beneficial.”

Making a statement about the signed protocol, ASPİLSAN Enerji General Manager Ahmet Turan Özdemir said: “As ASPİLSAN Enerji, which established Türkiye's first lithium-ion battery production facility and started mass production in June 2022, we have gained an ability in this field by bringing a technology that does not exist in our country. We also provided employment in this field by bringing new professions to our country. In these two years since the production of lithium-ion batteries, we have been carrying out our work with the mission of creating an ecosystem on batteries and gathering all stakeholders of the sector around the same platform.

It is observed that there is a significant increase in the use of lithium-ion battery technology in many areas of the world today. The reason for this is that lithium-ion batteries have high energy density and are safe to use. Long-lasting and easy-to-maintain lithium-ion batteries can be charged quickly. These advantages provided by lithium-ion batteries cause them to be widely used in homes, workplaces, electric vehicles, and a wide range of products, from toys to electronic devices, from computers to personal devices and factory equipment.

We are preparing in all aspects for the mission of "Battery manufacturer of the region"

Türkiye has a mission to become a battery manufacturer in its region. As ASPİLSAN Enerji, we also serve this purpose. For this ecosystem to develop in our country, as ASPİLSAN Enerji, we do not only produce batteries but also negotiate with raw material producers, machine manufacturers, universities and researchers for collaborations. We work voluntarily on how we can serve our country, from raw materials to recycling and recovery, and how we can effectively establish this chain in our country.

We will extract our raw materials to become a battery manufacturer in our country's region. We will process it and turn it into an active substance. We will produce electrodes and batteries from here. After closing the battery, we will turn it into a battery with its electronic circuits and software. We need to implement a chain management that will reuse our end-of-life batteries in secondary processes through recycling and recovery, after evaluating them in secondary areas of use.

As ASPİLSAN Enerji, we have been taking a leading role in the ecosystem for 43 years and directing the development of the sector with our work. This workshop which we will organize on the safe use of lithium-ion batteries, is aimed at informing battery manufacturers, end users and relevant public stakeholders about battery safety. Particular emphasis will be placed on methods to prevent and cool environments where battery systems are exposed to excessive heat. All methods and measures to minimize these risks will be discussed in detail in the workshop.

In the workshop in question, information will be provided by academics who carry out the most up-to-date studies in this field in Türkiye and are experienced in battery management systems, battery safety and fire systems. The workshop to be held is the first step in this regard in our country and is of great importance for the safe progress of the usage processes of lithium-ion batteries. This workshop, which constitutes one of the important missions undertaken by ASPİLSAN Enerji on behalf of our country, plays a leading and critical role in battery safety.

In the following period of our project, we will coordinate this process with many public stakeholders and follow it on different platforms.

I hope that the "Lithium Ion Battery Fire Extinguishing Methods Workshop" cooperation protocol signed between ASPİLSAN Enerji and ORAN will be beneficial, with the belief that it will make significant contributions to the battery ecosystem of our country. I would also like to thank the ORAN Development Agency for its unwavering support in this project. I would also like to thank ORAN Development Agency for its unwavering support in this project.”