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ASPİLSAN Enerji Lithium Ion Battery Production Facility Machinery Systems Arrived in Turkey

ASPİLSAN Enerji brought the machinery, equipment, and auxiliary systems of Turkey's and Europe's first lithium-ion cylindrical battery production factory to Kayseri.

Ferhat Özsoy, General Manager of ASPİLSAN Enerji, said in a statement about the arrival of machinery, equipment, and auxiliary systems in our country: "Production of the machine systems of our ASPİLSAN Enerji Li-ion Battery Production Facility, which was approved to be given "Project-Based State Aid" with the approval of our President on 06 August 2021, South Korea completed in.Acceptance at the factory In September, ASPİLSAN Enerji engineers participated in rigorous testing of the equipment. Our machine systems, which left South Korea on December 2nd, landed on January 3rd in our country. Kayseri received a total of 79 containers.

There Are Only A Few Days Left For The New Energy Age To Begin

Since its inception as ASPİLSAN Enerji, an institution of the Turkish Armed Forces Foundation, we have worked to ensure that our country can meet its technology and renewable Enerji goals. With this new investment, ASPİLSAN Enerji will become the region's only battery cell manufacturer. Our reliance on foreign suppliers will stop in this area, and we will be able to create domestically using entirely indigenous technology. Our country will have made the initial steps in this technology with our investment, ushering in a new era. Because batteries and batteries, which are a part of every technological product produced, are produced in our country and the technology is developing, we will no longer be reliant on foreign suppliers for this critical component, which will be a significant step toward reducing the current account deficit. With an annual production capacity of 220 MWh, we hope to become considerably more competitive over time by developing cost-cutting strategies and lowering foreign dependency.


Lithium-Ion Battery Technology Meets Turkey

With this investment, ASPİLSAN Enerji will supply technology for NMC chemistry and cylindrical type battery design, development, and production methodology to our country. Our country will meet lithium-ion technology and carry out its manufacturing with our Lithium Ion Battery Production Facility, which has a closed area of 25,000 m2 and will start mass production by the end of April.2’lik kapalı alana sahip Lityum İyon Pil Üretim Tesisimiz ile ülkemiz lityum-iyon teknolojisi ile tanışacak ve üretimini gerçekleştirecektir.

We will have created the cells utilized in the construction of battery systems in our lithium-ion battery manufacturing facility, which are required by both the defence industry and other industries. Batteries for radio, weapon systems, night vision, jammer battery systems, as well as e-bike, e-scooter, telecom batteries, robotic system batteries, medical batteries, home car batteries, and energy storage systems, will all be possible with the cells we make.

As ASPİLSAN Enerji, which will be the first lithium-ion cylindrical battery mass production facility in Turkey and Europe, I would like to state that our work will continue without slowing down, with the pride of adding power to our country's power.