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Applications for the "Produce Your Own Energy" Project Idea Competition have begun

The "Produce Your Own Energy" project idea competition, which is being organized in collaboration with ASPİLSAN Enerji and the Central Anatolian Development Agency (ORAN), is now accepting applications.

The project proposal competition, which will be held in collaboration with ASPİLSAN Enerji and the Central Anatolia Development Agency, aims to bring high-tech items to the region's defence and energy equipment manufacturing industries, as well as to create qualified jobs.

The competition was announced by Ahmet Emin KİLCİ, Secretary General of the Central Anatolian Development Agency, who made the following statements: It has transitioned to result-oriented programming logic and increased its activity in three primary areas that we identified in our Region during the previous three years. The growth of the regional manufacturing industry is one of these areas. We have specific targets in the plan we made while striving for this, such as company institutionalization, efficient manufacturing, digitization, valuing design, and expanding the production of medium-high and high items in the Region's sector.

From these particular reasons that I presented as an idea, this competition will fulfil design and high technological purposes. When we look at our region's manufacturing business, we see that 16 percent of enterprises produce items with medium-high and high technology. Design, on the other hand, is crucial in our agency's reports and field studies in order for the Region's manufacturing industry to be more robust and efficient, and to market the products we manufacture with greater added value. We've decided that it should be handed out. We support competitions like this to boost design culture and manufacturing, which thrives on unique designs and earns value.

As you may be aware, the General Directorate of the Ministry of Industry and Technology Development Agencies has designated "Youth Employment" as the topic for 2022-2023. In this regard, our Agency will engage in efforts that promote and grow young employment in our region's provinces. The "Produce Your Own Energy" competition, for which we signed the protocol today, will be a significant activity for young employment, similar to the "My Job is an Entrepreneurship" competition, which we have had for the last five years.

"The goal of this competition is to generate energy from environmental sources (such as sun, wind, vibration, heat, motion, and sound) and to charge the energy produced," ASPİLSAN Enerji General Manager Ferhat Özsoy stated in a statement announcing the "Produce Your Own Energy" project idea competition. To aid in the development of projects involving detachable battery storage, batteries, or storage systems. These initiatives aim to develop self-sustaining, sustainable systems using energy harvesting techniques, or to improve the efficiency of non-sustainable systems. We want to encourage our young people across the country who are working on battery management and energy storage systems to collaborate together on their projects.

We would like to see energy-related projects come to fruition

We will provide financial support for material purchases through the "Produce Your Own Energy" competition so that the most relevant technology-based project ideas will be selected and put into a prototype. I'd also like to mention that ASPİLSAN Enerji facilities may provide project groups with laboratory, testing, workshop, and mentorship services if needed.

We hope to strengthen human resources in the energy sector in our country, implement high technology-based concepts, and establish a project-oriented culture in the domains of portable energy and energy efficiency through this competition, which we organized as ASPİLSAN Enerji.

The names Smart Energy, Sustainable Energy, Energy Production and Storage, Hybrid Systems, Renewable Energy Resources and Technologies, and Energy Production from Waste were chosen as the topic areas of the Create Your Own Energy competition. which is our website, you can fill out the online application form, to apply. I'd like to welcome all of our young people who are interested in energy systems to enter our "Produce Your Own Energy" project idea competition." Click for the application form .