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KANGURU, the new assistant of the security forces

ASPİLSAN Enerji developed a smart battery storage and charging cabinet called "KANGURU" to ensure that radio batteries, one of the most commonly used equipment by security forces, are kept ready for duty at full capacity even in harsh conditions.

ASPİLSAN Enerji, which develops solutions for cells, battery cells and batteries and their charging needs, contributes to reducing foreign dependency in the field of energy storage with the products it puts forward.

ASPİLSAN Enerji received a Utility Model Certificate with its recently developed KANGURU smart battery storage and charging cabin.

ASPİLSAN Enerji General Manager Ahmet Turan Özdemir said in his statement that after the radio batteries are supplied, they are generally kept in safes until the day of operation.

Pointing out that the electronic circuits inside the radios have their consumption, Özdemir stated that they can drain the batteries in them after a while and that they need to be maintained periodically. Özdemir said:

“Some can reach high temperatures under a sheet metal roof, some can reach very low temperatures in warehouses. These also have shelf waiting conditions. These conditions may not always be met in the field, and most of the time they cannot be met. They also need to be charged at certain times and periods. This requires planned maintenance and preservation. If the need for products you purchase in large quantities extends towards the end of the year and you have made your supply at the beginning of the year, some of the batteries may become unusable if they are not maintained.

From this cabinet, which operates with smart maintenance algorithms and has charging circuits, we can obtain batteries that are ensured for their quality, charge, and operation when the button is pressed for operation. Inside these cabinets, there are slots where we can place different types of batteries. We can arrange the shelves containing these batteries according to the individual's needs. Whichever batteries we have and which radio type we use, we place them in the cabin and keep them in an environment with air conditioning, heating and cooling. "We can monitor which batteries are on which shelves and their health status on the screen."

Explaining that if desired, it is possible to connect to the internet and monitor remotely and view the inventory, Özdemir stated that the system also gives an alarm for broken or discharged batteries.

When needed, a sound will be heard when you press the latch

Emphasizing that the batteries in the cabin will not fail or run out of charge because they are maintained, Özdemir said:

“When I need it in the field, I take healthy, well-charged, well-maintained batteries from this cabin so that they make a sound when I press the latch. We designed these cabinets to offer batteries ready for operation in areas where storage conditions are difficult and technical personnel are not available for maintenance. It's a completed operation ready at their disposal to meet the needs of our security forces."

We produce both batteries and charging units, and we also provide the environment with this product. Just as KANGURU protects its baby in its pouch we have designed a ready-to-use product in the form of a cabinet that preserves the batteries inside and provides climate control and charging units, even in outdoor conditions."

Ahmet Turan Özdemir emphasized that when a security personnel goes to the operation area, he will make sure that a battery he takes from the shelf in the cabin is healthy, fully charged and reliable.

Stating that the cabin is a solution to meet the energy needs to keep the forces ready for duty 24/7, Özdemir stated that the cabin is scaled and different types of batteries can be charged in each case according to need.

Özdemir also mentioned that they have created wall-mounted units in the form of shelves with only charging units for environments like headquarters where external influences are limited or non-existent and climate control is not necessary. He stated that they offer uninterrupted energy services to users with solutions such as cabinets for challenging conditions and internal charging units for indoor environments.