Press Releases

"Workshop on Methods of Extinguishing Lithium Ion Battery Fires" was Organised at ASPİLSAN Enerji

Commenting on the workshop held at ASPİLSAN Enerji in cooperation with ASPİLSAN Enerji and the Central Anatolian Development Agency (ORAN), Ahmet Turan Özdemir who is General Manager of ASPİLSAN Enerji stated that with the support of the Presidency of Defence Industries and the Turkish Armed Forces Foundation, they are doing their best to ensure that lithium-ion battery technology in Türkiye reaches a level of maturity.

Özdemir stated that they organised a workshop that concerns the whole process from the raw material entering the facilities to the battery cell, from the battery cell to the battery and from the battery to the end product.

Özdemir also noted the following about the production process:

"While producing our battery cell, we transform 22 different raw materials into a battery cell after passing through more than 300 control points, 200 quality tests and 500 different points. In cases such as excessive temperature, and high current draw, we have created a system on the battery cell that will first cut its own current after the internal pressure inside increases and then relieve the pressure if this pressure continues. This is the first safety measure we take regarding this cell. After the product turns into a battery, we convert it into a battery. This has electronic circuits and software. By adding temperature sensors to the electronic circuits, we take extra measures to detect abnormalities on the battery and battery cell with the artificial intelligence software on it, to cut it off in possible situations and to prevent fires. But despite all these, if there is a fire, the fire brigade must intervene from now on. Since this technology is very new, our fire brigades are also in different searches to learn and develop how to intervene in this regard."

Özdemir stated that as ASPİLSAN Enerji, they are trying to develop a know-how on how to effectively intervene in these fires by bringing together all the components in the ecosystem with their infrastructure and personnel, customers, equipment and material producers, chemical producers and academicians to extinguish the fire.

Stating that staff from Kayseri, Ankara and Istanbul fire brigades attended the workshop, Özdemir also noted that academics and company employees from Sakarya University, Erciyes University and Kayseri University showed interest.