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Environmental problems have an increasing impact on the world and living things. Therefore, increasing environmental protection awareness, improving people's sensitivity to environmental problems and informing them about environmental protection steps are of great importance in terms of preventing environmental pollution.

As ASPİLSAN Enerji, which established Türkiye's first cylindrical lithium-ion rechargeable battery cell production facility, produced our country's first and only aviation/helicopter battery systems in Ni-Cd chemistry and also guided the sector as the largest battery manufacturer in our country, we produce energy storage systems with our R&D studies. Additionally, we offer sustainable energy storage alternatives to the world with the solutions we offer to the public and private sectors.

On 5 June World Environment Day, ASPİLSAN Enerji General Manager Ahmet Turan Özdemir made statements about energy solutions and said the following: ‘We continue our activities to leave a more livable world with our sustainability policy, environmentally friendly practices, technological solutions that will increase the efficiency and sustainability of renewable energy resources. In line with our mission to be a customer-oriented and environmentally sensitive company that produces innovative solutions for today's and future needs in the fields of portable energy and energy storage, especially in our country, we have made it our duty to put ‘Sustainability’ at the centre of our business strategies and make it a part of our corporate culture. With the awareness of contributing to creating a more livable world, we take into account the importance of combating climate change in our own activities and value chain. We recognise that contributing to sustainable development is our leadership responsibility.

We Are Working for Sustainable Energy and Reducing Our Foreign Dependency!

To meet the rapidly rising energy demand, we continue to work hard to develop domestic and national battery and energy storage systems (EDS) in our country, which will allow us to efficiently store energy generated by renewable energy sources and develop the most appropriate technological transformations to meet the demands.

In this context, we have concentrated our R&D knowledge and experience in the field of energy storage systems. One of our solutions in this category consists of our portable energy storage systems products called ‘Turna’ and the other one called ‘Toy’. These products offer users the energy required to supply both small and large-scale systems with USB charging, light source and internal inverter in cases where mains electricity cannot be used in camps, outdoor activities, disaster situations and in the field.

We are working to meet the needs of a house with wall-mounted energy storage systems. The systems will be integrated into renewable energy systems such as solar and wind, improving the user's bill, using solar energy in the system and producing environmentally friendly energy.

As ASPİLSAN Enerji, Türkiye's company in battery cell production and energy storage as a solution to global warming, we carry out all our activities in accordance with our sustainability policies in order to leave a more livable future for the future.’