The Story of Our New Logo

The creation of our new logo was completed within a period of 5 months, upon the need seen in line with Aspilsan's change and renewal efforts initiated in 2020. In this direction, proposals and preliminary studies from 3 different advertising agencies were taken and evaluated and it was decided to work with a Kayseri-based consultant firm. In the first stage, 16 different Logos were worked on and the number was reduced to 6 as a result of a committee consisting of employees from each department, surveys and workshops. In the second stage, 3 logos were discussed in the voting held by the Aspilsan executive board, and in the last stage, our logo was chosen by the Aspilsan Board of Directors.

Our logo basically expresses a cycle consisting of the letters a and e of Aspilsan energy. When the letters come together, they also form an infinity symbol and express that energy exists in all areas of our lives and that there is an endless cycle. The colors and rounded lines used represent Aspilsan's productivity and our national color, Turquoise. Small letters also emphasize our modesty and sharp lines our determination. While our logo shows that we are a high-tech company with its modern look, it also complies with the definition of "Energy Age" given to the new age.

B.C. The tonal gradation of our national color TURQUOISE, which has come to the present day from the 8th century and entered the world literature as 'Turkish Blue', expresses the transformation and change of Aspilsan.