Emniyet Politikamız

As a reliable corporation for all of our shareholders we aim to bring our safety performance to the highest level by improving our strategies, management systems and processes in order to keep safety risks that are possible to occur at our business operations within the acceptable limits and to fulfill the international and national standard requirements within this context.


  • The effective management of safety applications and prioritization of safety at our business operations.
  • Continuous provision of products and services at an acceptable level for the aspect of safety.
  • Planning and supplying required resources for safety management.
  • Organizing business operations suitable to the rules and requirements which are defined with national and international standards, legislations and regulations aimed at safety applications.
  • Procedures and resources to be allocated that we generate fulfill the highest level safety objectives during the formation of all our business processes.
  • Promoting fair, transparent and positive work culture as top management for the administration, effectiveness and maintainability of safety applications.
  • Providing necessary trainings to company employees in order to form and sustain safety awareness and communicating our safety policy to every rank within the company.
  • Minimizing risks regarding safety using approaches based on failure detection, definition, prevention and risk management.
  • Our primary responsibility is to take safety oriented precautions and to ensure that these precautions are followed within our business operations as ASPİLSAN Enerji employees.


In line with our aim, we declare and undertake the above-mentioned safety principles.